So you were pulled over, and the officer asks you when the last time was that you had a drink, smoked marijuana, or used drugs. Why is he asking you that when he pulled you over for a busted tail light? Because he can, and because you just might answer. You say you had a drink with dinner, and he asks if you will take some voluntary field sobriety tests because he “just wants to make sure you’re safe to drive home.” What he means to say is “so I can find out whether I should arrest you or not.” Everything that happens from that point on is helping them build a case. You don’t have to help him build his case by volunteering, nor should you. You should politely decline the voluntary tests, including the handheld breathalyzer. If he still arrests you, you should not resist. Once at the station, you can refuse the breathalyzer there, but it carries some serious repercussions.